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Every Game Doesn’t Provide Players with an Equal Chance of Winning


If you are familiar with the world of gambling, you must have heard the term “edge”. You need to know the house edge if you want to determine your chances of winning a particular game.


Although it’s a widely known fact that the house always wins, it’s always great to know that you are in a better position when playing certain casino games.


Although slots appear to be cheap, fun ways of making it big in the world of gambling, their house edge is typically pretty high. According to recently obtained numbers, the house edge of slots is usually around 10%.


This makes games such as bingo, poker, and blackjack better options compared to slots. The house edge of these three games is approximately 3%. If you want something more profitable, try video poker, which has a house edge of just 0.46%.


Dealers Can Make Mistakes


Like games, dealers are also never the same. Human error is as constant as change. And as dealers are also humans, they are bound to make mistakes.


For instance, dealers often make mistakes when dishing out cards. There are several instances where dealers end up flashing the facedown card. Casinos put in their best efforts to ensure that such mistakes of dealers go unnoticed. So, as a player, you have to remain alert and spot such errors.


There’s Nothing Illegal About Card Counting


Have you ever heard about the MIT Blackjack Team? The team became famous during the late 80s and early 90s for their habit of card counting. As the name of the team suggests, it primarily had ex-students and students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as members.


Their winning spree came to an end when the casino they used to play in understood their trick and stopped them from practicing it.


Indeed, it’s unlikely that people you play with at the casino will love your habit of card counting, there’s nothing illegal about the habit. Of course, you’ll have to do all the counting in your head for the act to be legal. Card counting will be considered illegal the moment you’ll use any machine or external device.


Casinos also don’t like to have players who practice card counting. The moment they identify such players, they do the needful to prevent them from engaging in card counting. It’s also not very uncommon for casinos to ban those players.


So, if you want to count cards legally, do so in your head. You can do this successfully only if you have enough brainpower, focus, and nerves of steel.


You Are Constantly Monitored


Modern-day casinos take security extremely seriously. You must know that you are being constantly monitored when you are inside a casino. Casinos have cameras installed in all their corners. If you are at one of the bigger casinos in your city, you can expect as many as 20,000 cameras to be installed there.


Casinos have dedicated security teams. Members of the team continually watch live footage captured by CCTV cameras. This keeps everyone at the casino under constant surveillance.


While the above facts might intimidate you, there are also reasons to be happy. With so many cameras installed, your chances of becoming a victim of crimes such as threats and theft will become almost zero.


You’ll Not Be Under CCTV Surveillance When at a Private Poker Room


You’ll be happy to know that there’s one place where your actions will not be monitored by a casino’s security team. It’s the private poker room of the casino.


High rollers, who want to spend a few hours playing poker and sipping their favorite champagne, can rest assured about the fact that their time at the private poker room will be beyond the reach of CCTV cameras.